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Students' personal Page

All of my students have an option to have their own personal webpage to store your performance videos. Once every several months, you will have an opportunity to make your own program and take a performance video. This is a personal page, and only you, your family, and people who you allow can see. This is a completely free option and hopefully this will help you see your own performance to help improving your skills.


Please pick your favorite theme and let me know! You can pick one theme, or a combination of multiple themes. If you can't find your favorite theme here, you can ask me for something else, or you can even send me your own favorite images.

#1 Fancy flowers
#2 Colorful flowers
#3 Garden flowers
#4 Herbs
#5 Ocean
#6 Bakery
#7 Air plane
#8 Fields
#9 Toys-1
#10 Toys-2
#11 Dog
#12 Cat

Arlington, TX

Quality Classical piano lessons of Traditional & Suzuki methods in Arlington TX & Online

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