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My Lesson

My focus

     My focus of teaching piano is so that each students will be able to independently understand & perform each pieces really well. That's including,

  • Look at the music and understand the structure

  • Be able to read notes correctly throughout

  • Be able to play fluently with appropriate and beautiful musical expression

  • Be able to identify any mistakes or own weaknesses

  • Understand how to practice concurring own mistakes and weaknesses

  • Establish a habit to do regular practice

 .. etc. My role is support and teach each student how to grow their own individual abilities to solve their own weaknesses and strengthen their skills. And my wish is  everyone understands and enjoy the amazing power of music, and be able to express it.

    I offer Traditional and Suzuki method lessons, it's your choice to choose whichever method you would like. Each method have it's own strength and benefits, so if you have any questions about what exactly included in each method, please don't hesitate to ask me. I use the following method books below as my core teaching with other supplemental books/materials. Reading and theory learning are included in Suzuki method lesson, too.

Traditional Method

"Piano Adventures"

by Nancy and Randall Faber

Suzuki Method


International Edition

after Fundamentals


HANON "The Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises"

BURGMULLER "25 Progressive pieces" Op.100

CZERNY "Thirty New Studies in Techniques" Op. 849

CZERNY "The School of Velocity" Op. 299

CZERNY "The Art of Finger Dexterity" Op. 740



BACH "Invention"

MOZART "Sonatas"


CHOPIN "Waltzes, Nocturnes, Preludes, Polonaises, etc.."

(And more classical pieces as we want)

Arlington, TX

Quality Classical piano lessons of Traditional & Suzuki methods in Arlington TX & Online

Method Books


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